” I really like the sound of the Psi-Fi on my computer. It makes my music sound more alive and fresh.  I enjoy playing with all the extras and the “visualizer” parameters to make a total sensory event with my playlists.  I hope to find recipes on the Psi-Fi to create healing experiences.  I find it amazing that Psi-Fi unlocks the two waves within the music… I can hear the extra expression.  I recommend all who enjoy music to hear it through the Psi-Fi…it’s amazing!!!” — John Anthony Reiss…Broadcast video and audio online editor – Venice Street Radio owner and Liquid Shaman University Second Life.com educator.

“Psi-Fi is a breakthrough in delivering a natural and spatially superior sound”Freddie Ravel…renowned concert jazz pianist, collaborator to music legends, advisor to fortune 500 companies and founder of Tune up for Success at www.tuneupforsuccess.com.

“As a sound engineer, I always have my feelers out for the latest and greatest audio toys to help me maximize my house, and squeeze more life out of mixes. Recently, I stumbled across something radically different and infinitely intriguing. The Psi-Fi software has done something for me in seconds, that I could not have dreamed in achieving on my own accord. With all the tools I currently have in my toolbox, which is now completely digital and plugin based, I am unable to re-create the effects of Psi-Fi and it’s unmistakable “vibe” that it adds to the material I use it on. I highly suggest trying Psi-Fi in the mixing process on individual channels, and after the mastering chain. I noticed it first on my low end, and how it noticeably tightened up, and somehow extended the low end, without creating any muddiness that normally comes along with extending bass. Secondly, a new dimension of space comes into attention. This is very noticeably of high frequency dynamic material like tambourines, and cymbals. To me, Psi-Fi further separates the instruments into their own space, and brings excitement in these frequencies. This is all exciting, but perhaps the most exciting part for me, is how Psi-Fi somehow spreads the background vocals and instruments out, and draws you ears into ambiance around each of the background parts. I was immediately able to hear mixing decisions I had made but was never aware of. There are so many ways to use it as well, I have gotten excellent results using it on my reverb send, bass buss, and even individual synth tracks. As a DJ, it’s important to stand out and have dynamic impact. Psi-Fi has the ability to make most audio material sound more live, dynamic, and exciting when you’re behind the decks. On a big system, the positive effects are magnified and the music almost takes on a surround feel, without losing any of the presence or impact that artificial “surround” processing usually add. I look forward to much more experimentation with this new gem in my audio arsenal” – Andrew Schiavone…Sound Engineer, Top DJ – Earth Bag, Terrakroma and founder of Monobeat Records, Los Angeles, California.

“I am very familiar with pro-audio processors.  What Psi-Fi does is something new.  It’s not an EQ, stereo enhancer, compressor, un-limiter or any other kind of standard audio processor.  It’s subtle, yet powerful.  It makes everything sound more alive.  I tested Psi-Fi on all types of recordings ranging from 1930’s Bing Crosby to the latest releases from Depeche Mode and in every case Psi-Fi enhanced the listening experience.  While it’s hard to put it into words, I can say that it makes the sound seem like it is coming from everywhere and not just the speakers.  It fills the room and sounds amazing.  I know that when sound engineers get ahold of this it’s going to change recorded music” – Christopher Oliver…Audio/Video Producer and Sound Engineer.

“We’ve never had a technology like this come along that improved every aspect of our sound as a band. As a singer, I was astounded to hear my voice in true live stereo for the first time. Psi-Fi will blow you away!” Jaime Segel Estes, “Best International Vocalist” at the Yamaha Sound Stage Contest, Tokyo, Japan.

How It Works

PSI-Fi™ is a new, totally new approach that actually “solves” rather than fixes this digital dilemma. Its patent-pending processor is a key that can unlock and free this hidden dimension, unleashing the true spatial characteristics of the original live performance and giving life back to digital recordings. In addition, it can solve many of the other problems that plague the digital domain. It is in two words…“Digital Solved”. Read More

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