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Psi-Fi Audio Dimensionalizer


Unique Features

1. Unlocks, separates and frees the missing dimension from any digital recording both lossy and lossless (.wav.aiff.mp3.mp4.aac.ogg).  Psi-Fi will process and improve the sound of analog vinyl discs and tapes as well.

2. Binaural Phasing engages the listener like never before by providing a psycho-acoustical effect, while it’s built in Psiodelic™ Audio Visualizer has powerful psycho-visual effects. These psychoacoustic and psycho-visual effects make the PSI-Fi much more than just a sound enhancement technology…it’s a transformational light and sound technology too.

3. Analog-ifies a digitally encoded signal by synthesizing and adding the missing partials – dramatically increasing the quality of mp3, mp4, acc and other forms of encoded files.

4. Stereo-izes a mono signal – adds a true stereo channel to a single mono channel – especially useful with live microphones and for modernizing old mono audio and movie soundtracks.

5. Increases dynamic range with a 64-bit floating-point audio architecture that extends well beyond the capacity of the human ear, into the range of the higher overtones that give sound and music its spatial qualities.


DJ mixing – The DJ version is specially designed to meet the needs of the professional DJ at a price that is affordable enough for even the most infrequent mixing enthusiast.

Personal Recording – Burn your entire digital music library, playlists, or individual songs in the PSI-Fi™ format for playback on other devices not equipped with the PSI-Fi™ processor.

Professional Recording –PSI-Fi™ can be used as a stereo effect send and return with selective control of the process on each track. A professional model to be released later will have multiple channels.

Live presentations – Live Music, Lectures, Trainings – Potentially improves cognition, understanding and memory retention by engaging the listener in new ways never before possible by requiring them to “reassemble” the two dimensions inside their head.

Re-mastering dated (pre-stereo), damaged or poorly recorded mono tracks for both audio and music soundtracks – significantly improve the clarity and spatial qualities of old recordings.

Video Presentations – VJ’s can create almost infinite variations of sound generated and related light automata as pixels for video presentations, light shows and parties…an effect that visually engages audiences like never before.  On a personal system, this aids dramatically in the listening experience by allowing a much deeper connection that is profoundly relaxing, but extremely stimulating and inspiring at the same time…an almost meditative experience.

•  Home Theater – Expand video soundtracks and music beyond the bounds of the stereo field without the need for surround-sound speakers.

•  Background Ambient Sound – Increase the sound quality and enhance listening experiences in open spaces like restaurants, retail spaces, work spaces, spas, bars or other places where sound is used to embellish the environment.

How It Works

PSI-Fi™ is a new, totally new approach that actually “solves” rather than fixes this digital dilemma. Its patent-pending processor is a key that can unlock and free this hidden dimension, unleashing the true spatial characteristics of the original live performance and giving life back to digital recordings. In addition, it can solve many of the other problems that plague the digital domain. It is in two words…“Digital Solved”. Read More

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